New Project

This installation titled Yantronomy for the Singapore Night Festival 2017, takes the form of an iridescent cube, as a monolithic structure on the lawn at CHIJMES. This is an artist collaboration with artist Reza Hasni. We wanted to created an immersive installation combining, sound, visuals and space.

A quote on sits on the exterior facade, hoping to engage our visitors of these question when standing inside.

"What peacefulness like? Whats confusion? ...Well Peacefulness is the end of confusion."

Reminiscent of Kubrick’s black monolith in his 2001: A Space Odyssey, the installation also represents a break between two competing realities. Taking the form of the Yantra, the Kaleidoscope posits the possibility of magical alternate realities within the construct of the everyday life.

Yantronomy-by-Tina-Fung-1 copy.jpg